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Agreement - Please Read Before Signing

Notice: Consumer reports (credit reports) may be obtained in connection with this application. if you request, 1) you will be informed whether or not consumer reports were obtained; and 2) if reports were obtained, you will be informed of the names and address of the consumer reporting agencies (credit bureau) that furnished the reports.

I (we) hereby agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the account established and to pay a late charge on any balance past due thirty (30) days or more at a periodic rate of 1.5% per month. It is agreed that if payment is not received when due and if the account is placed with an attorney, or certified collection agency for collection that the undersigned will pay to you all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney and/or collection agency fees, or any other amount which a court having jurisdiction shall determine to be just and reasonable, which shall be immediately added to the amount due. i (we) understand and agree that anytime my (our) account is past due, credit terms and automatic deliveries may be suspended without further notice.

"To the Co-applicant: By signing this agreement you, as a co-applicant, assume personal liability for any debt incurred by the applicant under this application. in the event the applicant does not pay its obligations under this application, Gary’s Fuel Service can take legal action against you even though you have not received any benefit in connection with this transaction."

"You (the applicant and co-applicant) are entitled to a copy of this agreement."

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