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Maine Fuel Deliveries You Can Rely On

We've been delivering fuel oil, kerosene and propane for over sixty years at the best price possible. When it comes to choosing a Maine home heating company, you want to choose one you can trust and rely on. If you're unhappy with your current provider, give us a call to join our family of satisfied customers.

Gary’s Fuel Service Fuel Plans

Pre-Buy: Purchase contracts are available for your heating products. Lock in your fuel costs in the summer, so you don't have to worry about possible price increases throughout the heating season.

Budget Plans: Eliminate paying high fuel bills during the winter months by spreading your costs over 12 months instead. Monthly payments are based on estimated heating costs by multiplying your annual usage by the projected prices for the upcoming season, divided into 12 equal monthly payments. By making these required monthly payments from June through the following May, customers receive an additional 3 cents per gallon off the day's cash price.

Automatic Deliveries: This delivery option uses theoretical projection to determine when your next delivery will be needed. It is intended to help you avoid run-out situations, but there is no implied guarantee that you won't. As such, continue to monitor your gauge and let us know if you are below 20 percent, have usage pattern changes, new appliances, etc, so we can adjust our calculators. Your account balance must be current to remain on automatic delivery.

Delivery & Service Area

  • Blue Hill
  • Brooksville
  • Bucksport
  • Castine
  • Frankfort
  • Orland
  • Penobscot
  • Prospect
  • Searsport
  • Stockton Springs
  • Surry
  • Verona Island